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Trump vs. Biden

An argument over which presidential candidate to vote for
Art: Bella Luper


This November we will have our next election. While there are other candidates still running it will most likely come down to Trump against Biden again.


When it comes to the two candidates in question they are both old and not great choices, but one is still much better than the other. Trump is what our country needs in the coming years.

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People claim that Trump isn’t eligible for the presidency because he is on trial for inserection and keeping documents from when he was president with some states going to the extent of taking him off the ballot.


Trump has yet to be convicted of any of these crimes which would undeniably make him ineligible to run for president.


Furthermore, the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation had around two and a half years to try and convict Trump, but the charges came around the same time that the election season started again.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also flagged Trump supporters for domestic terrorism just because they support Trump.


States have the right to take certain candidates off their ballot; however, Biden came out later and said that democracy was on the ballot, but when his party takes their biggest competitor off the ballot you can’t convince me they’re the democracy he was referring to.


Biden was found with classified documents from when he was the vice president of Obama, but the special counsel didn’t press any charges, but classified documents have been found in Trump’s possession and he is on trial for it.


Both Trump and Biden are considerably old with Trump being 77 and Biden 81, but the way that they present themselves is very different. Trump comes across as much more youthful and energetic than Biden does.


Recently while speaking in Nevada Biden made comments about speaking to a former president of France that died in 1996. 


When a reporter from Fox News asked the press secretary about this she responded saying the wasn’t “going down that rabbit hole” with him.


Others also say that Trump is misogynistic and racist and that would make him a bad president.


Trump is accused of misogyny and because of being against abortion and wanting stricter immigration laws.


Abortion is the killing of the unborn fetuses in the womb. Life begins at conception and is a human life. Just because the kids support themselves doesn’t mean they aren’t deserving of life.


When it comes to immigration if we just let anyone into our country, just because they claim asylum without proof, that is a national security threat.


The mainstream media also twists Trump’s words and makes him seem much worse than he is. 


At a rally Trump said that illegal immigration was “poisoning” our country, but when CBS News, a media corporation owned by Brian Roberts who funded the Biden campaign, reported on it they made it seem as if he said that about all immigrants. 


In Connecticut at the most recent midterm elections it was found that a significant enough amount of election fraud had happened when a Democratic governor won that a second election had to be held. 


This shows that it is very possible election fraud could have happened in the 2020 election. 


Also after the 2020 election when it came to talking about whether or not election fraud happened, anyone who said it happened was censored on most social media platforms.


When it comes to policies, Trump’s are better by far.


Trump worked to create new jobs for the unemployed rather than incentivizing being unemployed. If someone doesn’t have a job it’s not the government’s job to make sure they are paid.


Trump’s economy was also much better. Under his administration the economy was flourishing, but under Biden it hasn’t done well at all. It has even come to the point the Biden administration quit using the term “bidenomics” because it wasn’t doing well with voters.


Under Trump we would be able to use our second amendment like it was intended. Democrats say that firearms are the leading cause of death in kids according to the CDC, but toddlers who die from a firearm accidentally discharging is very different from a teen in a gang.


Also, just because some people are irresponsible with their rights and privileges and use firearms to kill doesn’t mean that every other American citizen should suffer because of it. There are an estimated two-million people who use firearms in self defense situations which saves not only their lives but many others.


Only about 30 years ago high schoolers would bring guns to school and leave them in their cars in order to go hunting after school. The cause isn’t the guns, it is the lack of concern for human life. If we can solve that problem then mass shootings could easily dwindle down.


Trump’s foreign policy is by far better than Biden.  


Trump’s ideology is to let countries fend for themselves and use taxpayer dollars to fix American problems and not the world’s problems.


The countries we have been paying aren’t democratic states anyways. Ukraine for example threatened to not have an election if more support wasn’t given..


When Biden pulled us out of Afghanistan he left a lot of military equipment. 13 US servicemen also died in the process. A power vacuum was also created that let the Taliban regain control.


Trump and his supporters are called racist, but there are many stories I’ve seen that share the same story of colored people going to Trump rallies and feeling welcome and part of a community no matter who is there.


They’ve also said that as they walk out they were yelled at by white people about how they were white supremacists.


Trump is also portrayed very badly by the media, and they never show any of the good he does.


Recently at a rally Trump was confronted by a woman  who had an incurable illness. Trump had given her a handwritten letter while she was in the hospital. Trump had also given her seven year old enough money to go to college when old enough. 


Trump assured the woman that she would make it to her son going to college and got off the stage and gave her a hug.


Trump is the obvious candidate to vote for.

OPINION: Brayden Rowe



With the 2024 election this November, it’s best to research the candidates before deciding on who to vote for. After all, even your one vote matters in the grand scheme of the election.


The two candidates currently being focused on are Donald Trump (Republicans) and Joe Biden (Democrats). While both have achieved great things for our country, it’s clear that only one of these two can win.


Joe Biden was sworn into office as President of the United States on January 20, 2021. But even before then, he accomplished plenty as vice president to former President Barack Obama. 


The Recovery Act, created in 2016, was created by Obama and Biden to help the country’s economy recover after events that shook it up, such as the Great Depression. It created jobs for the jobless and made investments to create economic security for middle-class citizens.


The Violence Against Women Act was originally created by former president Bill Clinton in 1994 to protect the women of the United States who have experienced dating violence, stalking, domestic violence, and other issues.  The VAWA Reauthorization Act was started in 2022 by Biden to improve it. The new act includes, “new economic justice provisions and bolsters access for survivors of all genders by strengthening non-discrimination laws and creating an LGBTQ services program,”  according to the VAWA website.


It’s clear that Biden has accomplished many things for our country. But what about Donald Trump? 


He failed to keep us safe and botched the Coronavirus outbreak, causing over a million COVID-19 deaths, along with failing to help workers in the US keep their jobs, negatively affecting the unemployment rate. He also politicized the FBI and Justice Department all throughout his presidency, attacking federal prosecutors against the sentencing of Roger Stone, a close political ally of Trump. He even managed to attack the federal judge overseeing Stone’s case.


Overall, Trump did an awful job making our country “great again.” Scholars connected to the American Political Science Association have even ranked him last on the rankings for the best US presidents, while Biden ranked #14. I can’t vote for you, but if I could, I’d put in a vote for Biden.

OPINION: Alex Wharton

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