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Media Staffs Recognized in National Publications

Media Staffs Recognized in National Publications

April 1, 2024

Both the newspaper (The Occurrence) and the yearbook (The Blue and White) at Bryant Junior High have had their published work featured in national journalism publications. Nate Barnes, freshman and...

Carter Sullivan played piano and and sang for his act.

Bryant’s Got Talent

Audrie Brunke, Photographer March 8, 2024

Art: Bella Luper

Legislation on child safety on the internet

Alexis Holley February 28, 2024

For decades the government has witnessed suicides, self harm, and depression from teens and children that use the internet on their own.    In response the Kids Online Safety Act of 2022 was...

Art: Bella Luper

Trump Faces Potential Ballot Removal: What it Means for Upcoming Elections

Emily Carden February 28, 2024

Elections are normally quite tumultuous, however, recent events and news are making the 2024 presidential election messy to say the least.    Republican candidate Donald Trump has been involved...

Quiz, Test, Exam image. Free for use/Pixabay/https://pixabay.com/photos/quiz-test-exam-questionnaire-1373314/

Taking the ACT

Brayden Rowe December 18, 2023

The ACT is a test that can help you get into colleges. Here are the dates and places for you to take it. Saturday February 10, 2024; Saturday April 13, 2024; Saturday June 8, 2024; and July 13, 2024...

Art: Nate Barnes

Sleeping on the Issue

Alexis Holley December 18, 2023

Although melatonin has been regarded as safe and has been shown for reducing the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, it is also seen as disruptive for children and teens who take it. Melatonin has...

Phone, Display, Apps image. Free for use/Pixabay/https://pixabay.com/photos/phone-display-apps-applications-292994/

The Dangers of Phones

Brayden Rowe December 18, 2023

In recent years smartphones have become more useful and more common. Smartphones can now be used to contact people within seconds, access the internet, use social media, and record videos or take photos. While...

All-Region Band

Alex Wharton December 18, 2023

All-region band tryouts were held on December 9, 2023. 7th, 8th, and 9th graders were asked to perform 4 measures of 3 prepared pieces, 3 memorized scales, and to sight-read a piece they’ve never seen...

Arkansas laws impact students

Alexis Holley August 17, 2023

Governor Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has passed hundreds of new laws since January.  Many of them will impact students. Act 621 will excuse any student that misses school to attend their parent/guardian...

Esports boot up

Phoenix Smith August 17, 2023

When talking about sports, some people think of football or volleyball. Some think of eSports. Esports are sports that are played online like League of Legends. Many esports have championships or tournaments,...

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